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Explosion Proof HVAC

In the summer, most of the time it reaches quite high temperatures, which leads to quite a lot of discomfort both in the home and in the office. Air conditioners are the ideal solution for this unpleasant aspect, but being such a large variety of models on the market, many do not know why we should take into account when making such a choice. That’s why we have prepared a useful guide, which helps you choose the air conditioner that suits your needs. With the Explosion Proof HVAC you need the best deals.

Explosion Proof HVAC

First of all, we must consider whether the air conditioner will be used for home or commercial space. Once you have decided on this, here are some steps you need to take when choosing an air conditioner.

The BTU number of the air conditioner

BTU or British Thermal Units are the units of measurement for cooling or heating. The larger this unit, the more powerful the air conditioner can be and therefore the surface on which it operates can also increase. For an additional 500 BTUs with air conditioning, you can also increase the area by 1 square meter. It is essential to calculate the area where you want to create the necessary comfort in both summer and winter time and in this way you will know the number of BTUs you need.

It is also very important to consider whether there are computers or appliances that heat up strongly e.g. the stove in the room because in this case, you will need a much stronger air conditioner. Another very important criterion is the number of persons working or living in the respective area or the degree of thermal insulation of the walls and even the positioning of the surface. If the sun is beating directly in the window, be convinced that you need a strong air conditioner to cope with the dull afternoons. Here’s how you can calculate exactly what type of air conditioner you need.

It also takes into account the height of the room. For rooms less than 3m high it is recommended to install an air conditioner with a power of up to 14000 BTU. Installing a high power air conditioner in a lower height room will be very annoying because of the high airflow, so at the lowest power level, it will be quite powerful.

Type of air conditioner

There are 4 types of air conditioners: wall, ceiling, portable and multi-split. The most used are those mounted on the wall. The ones that are mounted on the ceiling are quite expensive, because they incorporate pallets on the four sides, for much more efficient use. Portable air conditioners are ideal for those who want to create the necessary comfort in any room, and the multi-splitters are made up of several indoor units, mounted in different rooms, linked to a single outdoor unit.

The energy class to which the air conditioner belongs

Air conditioners are among the largest consumers of electricity, so the better the energy class of the appliance, the lower the consumption. Although an air conditioner that is part of the A ++ class is much more expensive, over time you will realize that these expenses can be amortized.